Most Five Star packages have a 19% service charge added to all food and beverage costs.  This is an industry standard (actually some companies add as much as 25%) and helps to cover our staff’s total compensation.  Many people ask whether this service charge is the gratuity?  The simple answer is no, but unlike some companies who pay their employees minimum wage plus a per event gratuity, Five Star pays it’s service staff a higher hourly wage which rewards their experience and length of service with us.  No additional gratuity is expected, however many clients do choose to personally give each server a little extra as a thank you on the day of the event.  It is not uncommon for our staff to work a 10+ hour day and they truly go the extra mile to make your special day run smoothly.  Should you wish to give a little extra, we suggest an amount of $20-$50 per staff member.  As we get closer to your event, we will let you know the exact number of staff members that will be on-site and you can provide that gratuity to the banquet captain on the day of the event for distribution to staff members. This is totally up to you!