The answer is “yes!”  I’m surprised by how many clients think that pricing will be cheaper if they hide the fact that they are planning a wedding.  I’m guessing there is some article out there that suggests to brides that caterers mark up weddings just for the heck of it.  At least in our case, that  is absolutely false.  Weddings are our specialty and we know exactly what it takes to make both the food and service elements of the day run smoothly.  Our wedding packages are $2 more expensive than our private party packages because they include extra food for long cocktail hours and hungry guests who have often traveled far and skipped a meal, additional staffing for set-up of ceremony chairs, seating arrangements,  passed appetizers, toasting service, cake cutting,  and many other special service details unique to weddings.  Our wedding packages also include linens for accessory tables such as assigned seating, sign in and gift tables, and pre-ceremony beverages  as well as china and silverware for dessert.  If we were to add these costs to the private party package, you would pay way more. So please, don’t be afraid to say you are planning a wedding.  In the end, you will ensure that you receive the service level your event requires and you will receive a  better deal.