People often say they are looking for a Casual  BBQ feel to their event in hopes of finding a less expensive alternative to a typical wedding buffet.  So is a BBQ generally less expensive? The answer really depends on what you mean by a casual BBQ.   If you mean hamburgers and hot dogs with paper plates and simple linens that don’t go to the ground, than the answer is yes, you should expect a deal.  If however, what you actually envision is a cocktail hour with appetizers followed by a couple salads, fresh grilled Tritip, Boneless Chicken Breast, and a few sides with real china plates, floor length linen, and service staff, then you are in fact looking at something comparable to our Coastal Buffet with an on-site grilling option.  Because our per person pricing includes china, linen, and service staff the price difference between BBQ and more formal dishes really comes down to what you decide to grill and whether you are willing to go with high quality disposable plates and less staffing.   To receive a meaningful BBQ proposal, ask yourself the following questions and let us know the answers:

  1. Am I looking for a casual BBQ feel or am I looking for Fresh Grilled items served in a somewhat elegant setting?
  2. Am I open to disposable plateware?  (Keep in mind that this also means your tables will not have placesettings and there will be no tableside water or wine service).
  3. What entrees would I like to offer?  Hot Dogs and Hamburgers? Tritip? Chicken? Salmon? Ribs? Filet Mignon?  etc. (All are delicious, but there is obviously a wide range in price?)
  4. What side dishes do I envision?  Fresh Baked Cornbread on wooden boards, baked beans, baked potato bars, and pasta salad can effectively set the tone for a fun casual wedding reception. Is that what I’m looking for?
  5. Do I want the smoke and aroma of fresh BBQ wafting over guests during the ceremony or do I envision the grilling happening in the background away from guests view?

Whether you are looking for a true casual BBQ or an elegant reception with Fresh Grilled items, adding a Grill to your event can be a lot of fun.  Just keep in mind that it’s not really a cost saver unless you reduce the service level to a more casual event.