Y O U R  F I V E  S T A R  B A R

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that the bar will be a very popular part of your wedding celebration! You want it to run smoothly with delicious drinks, minimal waiting times and to be complementary to the overall design of your day.

On every front, Five Star has you covered, and we are so excited to work with you to bring the bar of your dreams to life!

S T O C K I N G the B A R

H O W  M U C H  A L C O H O L  S H O U L D  I  B U Y ?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions and its not difficult to understand why!

Guesstimating alcohol quantities can be tricky and feel a little overwhelming sometimes. The reality is that there is no perfect science to it because every crowd is unique (which is part of what makes weddings so fun!). Ultimately it is up to you to determine what you want to offer based on your knowledge of your crowd and your party but here is a basic guideline of what we generally recommend. Keep in mind that we hate to run out of anything, whether it be food or booze, so we do estimate high.

If you aren’t concerned about running out of something and you definitely don’t want a lot left over, you can probably adjust lower. However, the lower your guest count, the less wiggle room you have if your group sways heavily in one direction (i.e. one specialty drink is way more popular than the other or everyone is reaching for wine rather than beer), so for smaller groups (<50), you may need to estimate higher.

G U E S T S  T Y P I C A L L Y  C O N S U M E

1 to 3 Drinks During Cocktail Hour | 1 to 2 Glasses of Wine During Dinner | 2 to 4 Drinks Following Dinner

H A R D  A L C O H O L

about 17 drinks/750 ml bottle (most cocktails contain 1.5 oz of hard alcohol)

For Two Specialty Drinks: 2 Drinks/Person For One Specialty Drink: 3 Drinks/Person
Full Bar: what you need genuinely depends on what is being offered and what your crowd likes.

  • For a full bar Whiskey & Vodka are typically more popular than Gin or Rum but keep in mind that if you are offering a specialty drink it will impact how popular the featured liquor is.
  • We strongly recommend leaving Tequila off the menu unless it is featured in a specialty drink.
  • If you’d like to provide some Bailey’s or Kalhua to be offered after dinner, a bottle or 2 should be plenty.

Online Calculators

There are calculators out there but most require a lot guess work. Often there is very little to no explanation about how the quantities are determined and it can be tricky, and frustrating, trying to make sense of everything. Honestly we haven’t found one that we feel good recommending because there isn’t one we feel truly accounts for all the different factors that go into determining what’s really needed.

M I X E R S  &  G A R N I S H E S

Our Recommendation? Leave out the guess work and let us handle this for you! Check out our inclusive mixer packages that make sourcing everything you need super easy & afford


*Quantity TBD by Venue Layout, Drink Offering, & Guest Count

Professional Bartender/s to Manage the Set Up, Service and Breakdown of Your Bar
All Bartending Equipment tubs, openers, cocktail napkins, picks, straws, etc.

Jockey box & Co2 for keg beer are not included.
Client required to provide if kegs are being served.


5 to 6 Glasses/Bottle with 12 Bottles/Case
(about 60 glasses a case)

  • We recommend selecting one red & one white,
    estimating 2-3 glasses/guest.(Guest Count x 2 or 3 Divided by 6, round up)
  • We find that red & white are generally consumed at the same rate so plan to get half red, half white.
  • If there is no *tableside service then you can plan for 1 glass/guest


2 to 3 Beers/Person (We Recommend Bottles/Cans)

  • We recommend offering 3 types for variety
  • A full size *keg yields about 150 12oz pours. Requires more ice, rental of pint glasses (unless using disposable cups) & a jockey box with CO2 tank and taps.
    *We will not serve keg beer without a jockey box. Before purchasing kegs, make sure that the supplier can also provide a jockey box. It is very difficult to find a jockey box separate from the distributor selling the keg.


6 to 8 Glasses/Bottle

  • Toast Only: # of Guests Divided by 7
  • Bar & Post Ceremony: # of Guests Divided by 3
  • Bar Only: 1 Glass per person

N O N – A L C O H O L I C

1 Individual Can or Bottle/Guest (less if lemonade/iced tea order through Five Star)

  • You are welcome to provide your favorites, or to check out our non-alc offerings and let us handle these for you